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Some Natural Importance by Jan Ashton ~ Review

 Title: Some Natural Importance
Author: Jan Ashton
Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Publisher: Quills & Quartos Publishing
Release Date: May 10th, 2021
Number of Pages: 384
Version Read: Kindle ebook
Buy: Amazon

Synopsis: “It is the way of the world, Elizabeth. Men hold power over women, but I am not a man who wants to wield such power. I would prefer a woman who has some power over me.”

Fitzwilliam Darcy already has one arranged marriage in his past. The last thing he envisions for himself is another, yet he has somehow become entrapped in a promise to a dying man. Not only must Darcy overcome his resentment in order to live up to his sense of honour, but when he realises how deeply his heart may be engaged, he must convince Elizabeth Bennet of his true feelings.

Elizabeth never expected the imperious Mr. Darcy to become a good friend of an idle gentleman like her father. And she certainly never anticipated they would form a secret pact compelling her marriage to a man she dislikes. She must set aside grief and resentment, as well as her suspicions: Is Darcy using her to avoid another bride pushed onto him by his family, or to gain riches Elizabeth never knew she had?

Or is it possible he loves her?

My Review: I went into this book a little apprehensive because Darcy had been married before but it was marriage to prevent a scandal and she died within a year or so so it's fine. His family kept trying to push him to marry another cousin but thankfully Darcy held firm in his refusal. I really didn't like Darcy's family at all in this story as they were all trying to push him towards his cousin Cecelia and they were all for badmouthing Elizabeth and the Bennet's. Even Colonel Fitzwilliam joined in until he learned the truth. Oh yeah, they also badmouthed Darcy for refusing his cousin and for his first marriage to Anne. 

I really loved how Darcy and Mr. Bennet got along and that they spent long hours together playing chess. Darcy took over Lizzy's spot in Bennet's study and she held a grudge over that. But I'm glad everything got settled between Lizzy and Darcy with the help of a meddlesome Mr. Bennet. 

This novel is very good and I have enjoyed Jan Ashton's books in the past and I'm sure I will continue to enjoy them in the future. I recommend this book if you enjoy a slow burn/arranged marriage romance featuring Darcy and Lizzy. 

Rating: 4½ stars
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