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Death in Highbury by Riana Everly ~ Review

Title: Death in Highbury
Author: Riana Everly
Genre: Austenesque
Publisher: Bay Crest Press
Release Date: January 30th, 2021
Number of Pages: 272
Version Read: Kindle ebook
Buy: Amazon 

Synopsis: A Jane Austen-inspired mystery, set in the world of Pride and Prejudice and Emma.

When political chaos in London forces Mary Bennet to take refuge in the picturesque town of Highbury, Surrey, she quickly finds herself safe among friends. Emma Woodhouse welcomes her as a guest at Hartfield, Jane Fairfax is delighted by her love of music, and Frank Churchill can’t stop flirting with her. But it is not long before Mary starts to suspect that beneath the charming surface, Highbury hides some dark secrets.

Alexander Lyons is sent to Surrey on an investigation, and at his friend Darcy’s request heads to Highbury to make certain Mary is comfortable and safe. But no sooner does he arrive than one local man dies, and then another!

Soon Alexander and Mary are thrust into the middle of a baffling series of deaths. Are they accidents? Or is there a very clever murderer hiding in their midst? And can they put their personal differences aside in time to prevent yet another death in Highbury?

My Review: This is the sequel to Death of a Clergyman and I recommend reading that one before this newest book. Riana does do a short synopsis of the first book but you miss a lot of the story by skipping it. This tale starts several months after the end of Death of a Clergyman and Mary is traveling to meet Lizzy and Darcy in Highbury from Brighton. Well, plans get changed because the Prime Minister is killed and chaos reigns in London. Darcy sends Lizzy away to Longbourn while he finishes up his affairs there. Mary ends up staying with the Woodhouses because Darcy asked his friend George Knightly to look after her while she was waiting in Highbury. During her first night there she hears about yet another murder in Highbury. This leads Mary to start investigating and guess who shows up investigating his own case? If you guessed Alexander Lyons you would be right. It seems that everybody starts flirting with everybody else which ends up with some jealousy from our misguided couple. 

I couldn't predict who the murderer was at all and it was a major shock. Who knew that that person had murder in them. There are better things for revenge than murdering people. The murderer could have just ruined the people involved in taking away the family's wealth. Then they would suffer the way that the murderer and their family suffered. On another note, I really do want to see Alexander and Mary get together before the end of this series. They could be a husband and wife mystery-solving team. 

This book is great and I recommend reading it especially if you've read the first one and enjoyed it. 

Rating: 4½ stars

*I received an advanced copy from the author. I did end up buying my own copy though. All opinions are my own. 
2 comments on "Death in Highbury by Riana Everly ~ Review "
  1. Thank you for sharing your view on this. I had been following this book tour and more and more becoming eager to read the story esp the love story of these two detectives. Wonder how many series before they end up as husband and wife investigatory team;)


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