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Dear Clara by Shelly E. Powell ~ Review

Title: Dear Clara
Author: Shelly E. Powell
Genre: Romance
Publisher: Cedar Fort, Inc.
Release Date: February 9th, 2021
Number of Pages: 282
Version Read: Kindle ebook
Buy: Amazon

Synopsis: He thinks she is a rare beauty. She knows he is charming on paper. Both hope for romance, but when letters are no longer enough, Clara must face the truth and decide whether to let go of pride or protect her heart.

For the first time in her life, Clara Everton has done something truly improper. She has written to a gentleman she hardly knows, simply to avoid an unwanted marriage proposal and perhaps to prove to herself that her first London season was not such a disappointment after all. As one letter grows into many and her feelings for James Thayne deepen, Clara begins to wonder whether a letter is as innocent a thing as she once thought. Meeting Mr. Thayne in person shakes her hopes, and she must reconcile herself to the unexpected truth. Yet, as circumstances continue to bring them together, Clara can't help but question whether opening her heart to Mr. Thayne is riskier than protecting it.

My Review: This book was so full of misunderstandings and plots from so many characters. Mr. Thayne ends up writing to Clara when he thought he was writing to another woman but everything works out fine. Mr. Owen Shaw is just a greedy opportunistic cad along with Mr. Platt. It was very refreshing to read a romance where the couple slowly falls in love through letters even if one half of them thinks he's writing to a different woman. 

I'm glad that the author asked me months ago to review this book as I really enjoyed it. Dear Clara is a brilliant debut gem in a sea of historical romance. 

Rating: 4½ stars

*I received an advanced copy from the author. All opinions are my own. 
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